Is self-sabotage keeping you miserable?
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Tell me: Do any of these sound like you?

You're laying awake at night again and your thoughts just won't stop. You're so tired but yet, you can't sleep. If only your mind would shut off...

You had a rotten day at work,  your spouse is more interested in Instagram than you, or the kids are being difficult, and you pour a drink because you'll go crazy if you don't...

You unconsciously sneak "just one glass" or "just one bite" when you're putting away the leftovers...

Your kids eat 4 bites and run off to play, so you pick at their plates until every morsel is gone...

You feel guilty leaving food on your plate, even if you're stuffed, because you were raised to "clean your plate". You wish your spouse cared more. Or your job was more fulfilling...
Then you need to hear what I'm about to say...
You Deserve Better
You're seriously ready to have your lives back.
Look, I get it. I used to have insomnia, panic attacks and and drink to take the edge off.

Wine, food, binge watching were a crutch. A reward for enduring tough times. A way to take my mind off something that was really bugging me. I want you to have every possible advantage and will help you get there. I know, because they've already helped so many of my clients.
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Step 3
We map out your unique strategy, what will get you the quickest results, and an action plan of how we get you there quickly.
Here's What My Clients Are Saying
"I was taking eleven different prescriptions per day when I started just three weeks ago. I am now taking only six per day. Soon I'll be down to zero."
"I'm happier than I have been in a long time."
"I'm having the most wonderful and productive days! I can't wait for tomorrow. What a change!"
Do you want me to help double your income in 30 days and finally get the results you deserve?
SO WHO IS Carla?
And Why Am I The Right Person To Help You?
  •  Helped thousands of people turn their lives around: through my Gratitude app, books, and programs
  •  Creator of the Gratitude App: over 1 million downloads 
  •  Speaks at world class events: advocate for advancement in women, mental health and habits the make impact
And Why Am I The Right Person To Help You?
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  •  Helped thousands of people double their income: across multiple industries around the world
  •  Author of 4 bestselling books: sold over 60,000 copies 
  •  Speaks at world class events: awarded speaker of the year in 2017
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